Our Mission

There is something missing in life- what is it? You want to change and become better. You are not happy with a certain area of your life- social, relationships, financial, physical, mental, parental, career, quality, etc. You have identified that missing piece but do not know where to start. There is too much noise. Too much noise from social media, loved ones, and worse – yourself. You cannot think properly, and your demons are not helping. You need to think and start. You want to progress your life and begin the next stage in your life. Your mind and your heart are frustrated. You feel like the world is on your shoulders and carry a heavy load. You mind and your heart are heavy and messy.
You are afraid. Afraid of change and afraid of failure. you are afraid to fall. you might think you are not good enough, not smart enough, too poor, do not have the skill, do not have the time, and the other million and one excuses you tell yourself. You are uncertain and confused. There are a million and one excuses why you cannot take that next step.
You might not know where to start and you are thinking too much. Start small and start now. Start by cleaning your room, your mind reflects your space. Once you visually see the space around you to be organized, your mind will star to organize itself. Physically exert the frustration that is in your body and heart by cleaning your room and your brain will be able to also exert that clutter in your mind. It will give your mind a starting point.Once you’ve cleaned your room, grab a paper and pencil and write down your thoughts. Just like you have organized your room, you need to organize your thoughts. The answer is within you, you just need to put it out into the world in some form. If paper and pencil is not for you, write on your phone or record your thoughts.  Every time you feel frustrated and cluttered, look at your surroundings. How is your environment? Is it also cluttered? If so, start by cleaning that space and start again. Do the same process repeatedly until you have a sense of direction to your goal.
You might be thinking this solution is ridiculous. How is cleaning my room going to clear my mind? “seeing clutter all around us is mentally exhausting and makes us feel tense” sally Augustines who has a PhD is environmental phycology states. “our space and the objects that fill it, gives us and others, a sense of who we are, what we value, and what we have accomplished. Too much clutter can signal a lack of control and confuse that sense of identity” by cleaning your environment, you are able to think and find yourself again. The benefits of cleaning your room are limitless. They include reduction of stress, improves relationships, makes you more productive, reduces stress and anxiety, and helps you focus on other aspects of your life and frees up time and energy to improve life in other areas.
What is the risk of not changing and taking that first step? Stay like you are? Are you happy that way? Is this how you want to be remembered? When you are on your death bed, will you regret not changing?  Life will always be hard and there will always be challenges in life that will cause turmoil and headship. The question is, how will you handle that hardship. Will you quit and be defeated, or will you face it and become stronger? You do not have to find the answer today or tomorrow. The answer might come in a month or three or a year, but you must start somewhere.
Start small and focus on the positive. Keep focusing on your positive small accomplishments until they become a habit. Do not let the failures set you back. Get right back up because that’s life. You fall and you must get back up just as fast. Do not dwell on the failures for too long. Breath, think about the failure – why did it happen? Was it something I can control? What can I do to avoid this situation again? And get back up again and do it fast because your demons do not want you to succeed. I want you to succeed.  Create an environment for your success, one that will always remind you who you want to be – who you are.
Start small and start now. Clean your room, write, clear you mind and act. Create the environment that you want to have and one that will remind you of who you want to be. Buy a rug and let that be the foundation for the new you so that when see it and step on it you realize there is no going back. The old you is gone and you have decided to change. The rug is that new foundation that will help you become the person who you always wanted to be – the person you always envision yourself to be.