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There are three major factors to consider when shopping for a rug: style, size, and material. This article will give you guidelines to follow when searching area rugs for kitchen and send you to a link that allows you to choose area rugs for a kitchen along with runners. 

This article will go into depth on how to choose the style that reflects you, what size rugs for kitchen looks best, and the material that would be best for a kitchen. When reading the articles keep in mind the purpose of a kitchen, your vision, and what you want the room to say about you and your mentality. Being intentional and conscious about this process will give you the best results.  


Introduction into choosing a style:

When choosing an area rug or a runner rug for kitchen, think about how it will be used, and more importantly, who you are. The kitchen is the center of your families living, it’s the room where the day is started and where the one that starts to close the day. Meals are prepared, it is the place family and guests’ gather to socialize, eat, and cook together. The kitchen is one of the rooms that help create memories and everlasting bonds. getting a rug under kitchen table or a runner for the kitchen will pull together the room and create an environment of security, an environment that will let people put their guard down and connect with loved ones.  

Choosing the right Piece:

The rug is usually one of the last pieces to be chosen in a room. So instead of focusing on finding the perfect area rug for kitchen, we suggest taking a step back and looking at what you have already created. Look at the big picture and define the interior design style that you may, or may not have, consciously created, and define the environment you are going for. There are two ways about defining the style: through your personality and through interior style pieces.

We believe that the personality of the individual is linked with the interior style, but some people do not think in that manner. For example, someone who is focused, determined, and conscious of their time would not want a lot of furniture and accents to distract them from their bigger purpose, therefore, they might only include what is necessary, making them resonate with a minimalist interior design style. Read this articleabout personality style to find out which style most speaks to you.  

Some homes already have the atmosphere defined, such as urban living, a cottage home, or a traditional home. If the architecture is already to your liking, then capitalize on what is already there and bring pieces that will enhance your vision. This, however, is not a path that has to be enforced by following a set of rules. Make it your own, add your personality to what is already created. Learn more about Interior Design Stylesto enhance the architecture of the house.


Creating a functional, clean, and aesthetically pleasing kitchen will draw family members and guests to that room that will create warmth in the home. Runner rugs for kitchen connects the areas together creating a holistic area defining the kitchen. The purpose of a rug in the kitchen is to create comfort as you as you are cooking, cleaning, or enjoying time with loved ones. 

Design tips for Runner Rug in Kitchen:

  • Place a runner on one side of kitchen island
  • For smaller kitchens, reduce the rug size to be a mat to place under desired area

2' x 3' mat rug for kitchen, 2 x 3 runner rug for kitchen3 x 9 runner rug in kitchen                3' x 9' runner rug for kitchen




The kitchen can be considered the heart of the home. It's where meals are prepared to feed the mind, body and soul. This area will not only be a high traffic area but will also see a lot of food droppings as one is cooking or transferring food. Because of high traffic and dirt from food that is dropped, we suggest getting a rug with high durable material and easy to clean. Reading this article will help you understand why we suggest these materials for a living room.  Here are our suggestions:


Natural Material: High Durable & Washable: 

  • Sisal - Cost: Low
  • Seagrass - Cost: High 


Synthetic Material: High Durability & Washable 

  • Polyester - Cost: Medium 
  • Nylon - Cost: High
  • Polypropylene - Cost: Low


Final statement:

The kitchen is the first place where my mother and I bonded the most. As she would be making the meal, I would be cutting and preparing the ingredients. When I got old enough, I started taking initiative making breakfast for the family and later dinners when she was working. In the beginning, the food did not always taste grate and the criticism was even harsher than the food, but it built my mentality and changed my perspective about the relationship of food and people. It was in the kitchen that I learned more about people and how food has a strong impact on people. Because of that, I was able to build a connection with my family members, understand their hardships which is now why I can connect with them. It was during the early parts of my life when I found out who my family is that I am now able to talk with them in times of difficulty and ease. Create an environment for your family and friends that will allow them to create a connection that is everlasting.

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