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There are three major factors to consider when shopping for a rug: style, size, and material. This article will give you guidelines to follow when searching rugs for an entry room area rug and send you to a link that allows you to choose area rugs specifically made for an entry room.

This article will go into depth on how to choose the style that reflects you, what size rugs for entry room looks best, and the material that would be best for an entry room. When reading the articles keep in mind the purpose of an entry room, your vision of that room, and what you want the room to say about you and your mentality. Being intentional and conscious about this process will give you the best results. 


The entryway is the first thing that one sees when coming from the outside, so making that mental shift from work to home Is important. Seeing an aesthetically pleasing and clean space to put all your stuff can be the first step into relaxation. The entryway is also the first-place you guests see, and we all know how important first impressions are. Along with the other two purposes, using the entryway space for storage place for shoes, coats, keys, and other essentials can maximize the space available. An entryway should be taken into consideration when remodeling as it still creates a mental shift and connects you to the rest of the house.

We believe that the personality of the individual is linked with the interior style, but some people do not think in that manner. For example, someone who is focused, determined, and conscious of their time would not want a lot of furniture and accents to distract them from their bigger purpose, therefore, they might only include what is necessary, making them resonate with a minimalist interior design style.

Some homes already have the atmosphere defined, such as urban living, a cottage home, or a traditional home. If the architecture is already to your liking, then capitalize on what is already there and bring pieces that will enhance your vision. This, however, is not a path that has to be enforced by following a set of rules. Make it your own, add your personality to what is already created.

Read articles aboutPersonality andInterior Design Styles to determine what style you mostly identify with.


Design tips for an Entryway Rug:  of hallway rug: 

  • Choose a rug that frames the opening.
    • The rug can also be centered in front of an entry bench or table.
    • Make sure the rug does not obstruct the opening of the door, use a 3x5 rug centered in the space instead.

      2' x 3' rug for entryway, 2 x 3 rug front of door3' x 9' rug entryway, 3' x 9' runner
      3' x 5' rug entryway 3' x 5' rug in entryway, 5 x 8 rug for entryway



      A rug for this space will see a lot of traffic, and depending on who is in the house, it will see the most amount of dirt. This rug would need to have high durability and be easy to clean. Reading this article will help you understand why we suggest these materials for an Entry room. The materials and the costs are listed below:

       Natural Material: High Durable & Washable: 

      • Wool - Cost: high
      • Sisal - Cost: Low
      • Seagrass - Cost: High 

       Synthetic Material: High Durability & Washable 

      • Polyester - Cost: Medium 
      • Nylon - Cost: High
      • Polypropylene - Cost: Low

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