Match Your Personality to Interior Design Style

December 22, 2020 4 min read

Take a step back and analyze your personality and see if the design that you have created reflects who you are. If so, choosing a rug is now easier since you know where to look.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian style is described as a minimalist who values comfort over functionality. The foundation of this design is minimalist by defining clear lines but adds a depth to the space by creating a space for comfort, coziness, and worth. Scandinavian interior design is centered around dialogue and human connection with friends and family that is created in an environment of the hosts’ personality. The values that are within: which is a joy in family, friends, and culture. 


Minimalist Interior Design 

When talking about minimalist style, it's all about efficiency. To be the most efficient, it is key to eliminate all distractions. Less is more. With less distractions, more time is available to focus on personal, financial, career, spiritual and relationship goals. Minimalist interior design speaks to the personality of perfectionist, methodical, efficient, determined introverts. Having only the essential furniture in the home is what allows this person to focus on his values. 

Farmhouse Interior Design

 For those who value nature, family, who are not in a rush for anything. They enjoy themselves in the moment and enjoy the scenery and the peace they have created and often meditate. But because they appreciate the small things in life does not mean they are not in touch with the current times. They include modern trends without sacrificing their values of family, nature, regardless of their physical location. Modern farmhouse interior design is nostalgia, a yearning for a slower pace and inner peace. 

Classical Interior Design

A classical interior design is for the one who enjoys history, politics, elegant, and respects timeless beauty. This person is upright and complex and does not change because of trends. Because of the knowledge they have gathered over the years, they are more likely to make rational decisions that would last a long time. They are thinkers and might have a large display of books. They like to share the knowledge they have along with learning, making them charming.  Some design tips for this person: every piece must be elegant and timeless like the owner, pieces stand on their own but still come together beautifully, dark colors and symmetry. 

Contemporary Interior Design 

Contemporary design has the foundation of anything that is trending. It's modern with personality touches that come from their own life experiences. People who identify with contemporary style are complex, stylish, and know how to bring a room together. They design with natural colors along with grey, black and white. The accessories are pieces that speak to the person while able to start a conversation - interesting, unique, and eye catching. If you are organized, functional, simple but still love to keep up with the trends, this might be the design style for you. 

Vintage Interior Design 

Vintage interior design is very complex since it is described by broad words such as old. To define vintage for you consider three factors: nostalgia, your perception of time, and visual style. To have vintage interior design, that person must know themselves, know what they want, and must be patient to get what they want. If the piece does not fit, they will wait until the right piece comes. Vintage technically refers to pieces that come from the 1930s to 1940s, however, today vintage is used to represent something that is old and worn out making it a little complex. This is why a person who wants a vintage feel must know what they want to get the feeling of vintage and they are very determined to do that making that person also seem stubborn but also complex. 


Zen Interior Design

To create a space of calmness, one must not be materialistic. To create a Zen and calming atmosphere, no one does it best like mimicking the Asian Zen. This interior design style is for the simple and positive, energetic, optimistic, and long for peace. This person requires light and nature  to keep his mind and heart at peace from this chase that is being experienced on the daily. The furniture and accessories are simple and do not compromise the feeling of peace. There is a balance to the rooms just like how there is a balance in their lives. 

Industrial Interior Design

Industrial interior design has been popular since the early 1700s and is still going strong now by evolving to new styles such as urban. Exposed brick and duct are the key foundation elements, warm natural colors with whites are then added on top to bring an element of timeless feel. Social, extroverted, charismatic, motivated people can identify with this style. Since this architectural style is mostly found in downtown areas, it would take a person who enjoys the city nightlife to connect with this interior style. Make this style more personal to you by adding unique accents that speak to your personal taste. 

Shabby Chic Interior Design

A style that exhibits a positive and social  environment is shabby chic. This style is for the calm, friendly, and social. The colors are within the same spectrum, they flow, and furniture is mostly white wash. To add personality to this style, patterns that speak to the individual are incorporated within the accents while it be chevron, floral, native, or more. This interior design is hard to control and maintain as pieces to fit the individual and the style are not mainstream. However, the individual is positive and does the necessary to get the environment that is needed. Characteristics for this style include someone who is charismatic, social, artistic, and into nature.