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Take a step back and analyze your personality and see if the design that you have created reflects who you are. If so, choosing a rug is now easier since you know where to look.

Friendly, Stylish, and interested in Culture: Scandinavian Interior Design Style


Scandinavian style is described as a minimalist who values comfort over functionality. The foundation of this design is minimalist by defining clear lines but adds a depth to the space by creating a space for comfort, coziness, and worth. Scandinavian interior design is centered around dialogue and human connection with friends and family that is created in an environment of the hosts’ personality. The values that are within: which is a joy in family, friends, and culture. 

Cool, Collected and Straight to the Point:  Industrial Interior Design Style


Industrial interior design has been popular since the early 1700s and is still going strong now by evolving to new styles such as urban. Exposed brick and duct are the key foundation elements, warm natural colors with whites are then added on top to bring an element of timeless feel. The objects in the home tend to be more functional to fit the straightforward personality. Since this architectural style is mostly found in downtown areas, it would take a person who also enjoys the city to connect with this interior style.


For the Go-Getters that are Active and Energetic: Coastal Interior Style

There are those who enjoy the mountains and those who enjoy the beach. People who resonate with the coastal interior design are those who are active and energetic, those who are a social butterfly that are adventitious and take the bull by the horn. The accents colors include a vibrant yellow, coral, and turquoise with raw and rough textures of those accents. Being carefree and cheerful, the accents should also reflect the personality of the individual that reflect elegance. People who resonate with this style are also the type to strike a conversation in any situation and can keep an audience entertained with their humor and stories. This characteristic can be expressed in the style by creating a breezy, airy environment that is spacious for gatherings and taking pictures. 


The Bold, Bright, and Cheerful: Tropical Interior Design

Those who resonate with tropical interior design are more adventurous, bold, bright, and cheerful than those who resonate with coastal interior design. Tropical interior design includes palm trees, beach motifs, and draw mostly from natural elements such as vegetation, sea, and sky. The color pallet found in tropical design include bright greens, turquoise, pink, and yellow. If you enjoy places like Hawaii, Fiji, and the Caribbean it is easy to say you are into nature, adventurous and do not want mind the hot climate. When you play, you play hard and when you relax, you relax just as hard.



Rational, Knowledgeable, and Timeless: Classical Interior Design

A classical interior design is for the one who enjoys history, politics, elegant, and respects timeless beauty. This person is upright and complex and does not change because of trends. Because of the knowledge they have gathered over the years, they are more likely to make rational decisions that would last a long time. They are thinkers and might have a large display of books. They like to share the knowledge they have along with learning, making them charming.  Some design tips for this person: every piece must be elegant and timeless like the owner, pieces stand on their own but still come together beautifully, dark colors and symmetry. 

Sophisticated and Elegant: Victorian Interior Design

Those who are sophisticated and elegant in their manner could relate to the Victorian interior design. They hold themselves to high standards and honor themselves in all situations and environment, this requires self-control and the implementation of the knowledge acquired. The foundation of this style includes furniture constructed out of dark, glossy wood, and the lightning would consist of some chandeliers. The color pallet include teal, mustard yellow, lavender, and rusty red to match the already dark furniture. Adding accents that speak to your personality is one way to make this style unique to you.  


The Free- Spirited Artistic Individual: Bohemian Interior Style

Those who enjoys the arts and the freedom to do what pleases the soul without the bounds of any laws might resonate well with bohemian interior style. This style is a mix of styles that comes together to create a laid-back atmosphere by incorporating bright colors like purples, reds, and pinks with intricate patterns. One may incorporate a traditional style rug with a vintage couch next to a modern lamp all differing in color. Everything is to the personality of the individual making it unique, and the individual who can pull this style off has a free boundary personality. This person does not have a formula for dressing style, enjoys flea markets and artisan boutiques finding accents that makes this interior design style perfect for you.


Those that live in the Moment and Value Family: Farmhouse Interior Design

Farmhouse interior design is for those who value nature, family, and are not in a rush for anything. They enjoy themselves in the moment and enjoy the scenery and the peace they have created and often meditate. But because they appreciate the small things in life does not mean they are not in touch with the current times. Farmhouse is simple but relies on refined elements with just a few rougher to add charm. They can also include modern trends without sacrificing their values of family, nature, regardless of their physical location. Modern farmhouse interior design is nostalgia, a yearning for a slower pace and inner peace. 


Nature-lover and Outdoor Enthusiast that is Comfortable in Quite: Rustic Interior Design

There are those who enjoy the company of other and there are those who can enjoy themselves in the quiet. These people usually love nature and all the aesthetic of the outdoors. Because they spend so much time outdoors, it more likely this person complete projects by hand rather than buying what is needed. Rustic interior design embraces natural materials such as raw wood, stone, concrete, hemp, and wool. The color pallet also resembles a natural color pallet that include the basics of white, brown, and cream but also include shades of green, blue, and red. Because the love this person has for nature, furniture can by DIYed buy recycled and reclaimed material such as tree trunks used to form tables and bed frame, and assents that represent the personality of the individual.


Driven, Organized and Professional: Modern Interior Design

The driven and professional are drawn to sleek, spacious, and simple design that helps them keep everything organized. Modern interior design incorporates furniture that is smooth, simple, and clean. The color palette is typically made of neutral shades such as whites, creams, and beiges with splashes of bright colors like oranges, pinks, and turquoise on accents like curtains, dinnerware, and rugs. This style can be incorporated with other styles such as farmhouse, mid-century, and Rustic depending on the individual and other interests. Regardless of where one takes this design style, the basis of this foundation is to still have sleek lines that keep the person organized to maintain their professional personality.


The Adventurous, Foodie Romantic that value Family: Mediterranean Interior design

Mediterranean area is a large area that includes parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa such as France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, ect. All these locations share a common feature such as climate, environment, food, and race. The interior design can be narrowed down to the specific region the individual resonates with the most and that region has it own special characteristics. The people who enjoy these regions enjoy food as a hobby, love the hot climate and are a bit of a romantic. Family is the foundation of their lives. They make sure everyone in the family is happy and successful by creating an environment of communication and love around a table of food.  

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