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There are three major factors to consider when shopping for a rug: style, size, and material. This article will give you guidelines to follow when searching rugs for bathroom and send you to a link that allows you to choose area rugs specifically made for a bathroom.

This article will go into depth on how to choose the style that reflects you, what size rugs for bathroom looks best, and the material that would be best for a bathroom. When reading the articles keep in mind the purpose of a living room, your vision of that room, and what you want the room to say about you and your mentality. Being intentional and conscious about this process will give you the best results.  


The bathroom is an essential part of the home that still needs to be considered when remodeling the home. The bathroom is the first place and last place you see, it’s a good place to decompress for a self-care session, and a place to find solitude mid-day. It still an important room that is ties the whole home together.

The rug is usually one of the last pieces to be chosen in a room. So instead of focusing on finding the perfect rug, we suggest taking a step back and looking at what you have already created. Look at the big picture and define the interior design style that you may, or may not have, consciously created, and define the environment you are going for. There are two ways about defining the style: through your personality and through interior style pieces.

We believe that the personality of the individual is linked with the interior style, but some people do not think in that manner. For example, someone who is focused, determined, and conscious of their time would not want a lot of furniture and accents to distract them from their bigger purpose, therefore, they might only include what is necessary, making them resonate with a minimalist interior design style.

Some homes already have the atmosphere defined, such as urban living, a cottage home, or a traditional home. If the architecture is already to your liking, then capitalize on what is already there and bring pieces that will enhance your vision. This, however, is not a path that has to be enforced by following a set of rules. Make it your own, add your personality to what is already created.

Read articles about Personality and Interior Design Styles to determine what style you mostly identify with. 


As mentioned before, the bathroom is one of the first and last rooms. Below are some tips to help you rejuvenate yourself in an area that is aesthetically pleasing:

  • To protect floor from water and provide comfort. 
  • Place either one large runner to frame the sinks together or two small mats to create defined lines. 
    2' x 3' rug bathroom mat2' x 5 'bathroom mat2' x 3' rug bathroom mat, 2 x 3 rug for bathrooms2' x 5 'bathroom mat2 x 9 runner for bathroom2 x 9 runner for bathroom


    The bathroom is where one gets clean and makes themselves presentable. This is where water cannot be controlled and needs a rug that is not scared of water. Read this article will help you understand why we suggest these materials for a bathroom. Here are our suggestions:

    Synthetic Material: High Durability & Washable 

    • Polyester - Cost: Medium 
    • Nylon - Cost: High
    • Polypropylene - Cost: Low

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