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There are three major factors to consider when shopping for a rug: style, size, and material. This article will give you guidelines to follow when shopping for a rug under king bed or a rug under a queen bed and send you to a link that allows you to choose from a list of specified area rugs for bedroom.

This article will go into depth on how to choose the style that reflects you, rug placement in bedroom looks best, and the specific type of material that would be best for an area rug in bedroom. When reading the articles keep in mind the purpose of a bedroom, your vision of that room, and what you want the room to say about you and your mentality. Being intentional and conscious about this process will give you the best results. 


Introduction into choosing a style:

The bedroom is the first room you see when you wake up and the last room you see when you are wrapping up your day. It can also be used as a space to take escape the hectic day, to relax, read a book, or be used as a place to share your day with some. Define how you use the space and how you want it to make you feel. A bedroom has two fundamental purposes that help our lives tremendously: to help you get ready for your day and to help you unwind from your day. When choosing an area rug for bedroom, take into consideration how you want to feel when stepping on the rug.  Creating an environment fits all your need is challenging and we suggest looking at what you want to create (or have already created) and see how an area rug in bedroom tie everything together.

Choosing the Right Piece:

Look at the big picture and define the interior design style that you may, or may not have, consciously created, and define the environment you are going for. When designing a bedroom with area rug, consider the bed size along with the bedroom accent furniture, especially nightstands and beaches. There are two ways about defining the style: through your personality and through interior style pieces.

We believe that the personality of the individual is linked with the interior style, but some people do not think in that manner. For example, someone who is focused, determined, and conscious of their time would not want a lot of furniture and accents to distract them from their bigger purpose, therefore, they might only include what is necessary, making them resonate with a minimalist interior design style.

Some homes already have the atmosphere defined, such as urban living, a cottage home, or a traditional home. If the architecture is already to your liking, then capitalize on what is already there and bring pieces that will enhance your vision. This, however, is not a path that has to be enforced by following a set of rules. Make it your own, add your personality to what is already created.

Read articles about  Personality andInterior Design Styles to determine what style you mostly identify with. 


there are several ways to think about rug placement in bedroom along with the right rug size. One way of thinking about choosing is rug is by considering the size of the bed they have along with the accent furniture. A rug size for king bed will be different than a rug size for a queen bed. Depending on the area you want to cover, one can choose an area rug size that fir their vision of the bedroom. Another way of choosing a rug is determining what rug size you want and place the rug in a way that would be most pleasing to the eye.

Below are Design Tip for Bedroom Rug: 

  • Anchor the beg, giving space for your feel to land. 
  • Depending on the size of the rug, bed, and room, place the rug under the entire bed and nightstand, or only under the front two-thirds of the bed. 
  • Allow 2’ to 3’ of rug exposed on each side of the bed.
  • A runner can also be placed on each side or one at the front of the bed. 

    Queen Size Bed

     area rug in bedroom with 8 by 10 rug size for queen bedrug placement in bedroom with 5x8 rug under queen size bedarea rug 9x12 rug queen size bed, 9x12 area rug for bedroom

    King Size Bed

    3' x 5' rug placement in bedroom rug for king size bed3' x 9' runner area rug in bedroom for rug size king bed8 x 10 area rug for bedroom, rug under king bed9 x 12 area rug for king size bed, bedroom with area rug10 x 14 area rug for bedroom, rug size for king bed, rug under king bed


    The bedroom is for getting you ready for your day while helping you unwind from your long day. A rug for king size bed and rug for queen size bed can be made of the same material and since the bedroom does not get a lot of traffic, the material of this rug can be to your liking.

    If you are looking to buy a rug that is high in quality and price, the bedroom is the perfect location to place that rug. Because the bedroom does not see a lot of traffic, cleaning it will not need to be as intensive as rugs in other rooms such as the living room. Consider getting a rug that has soft texture to bring more comfort to your feet. 

    Read this article will help you understand why we suggest these materials for a living room. As we mentioned earlier, any material can work here, but here are some we suggest bringing diversity to the materials and textures in the house: 

    Natural Material:

    • Wool: Cost: High, Durability: High, Texture: Soft
    • Cotton: Cost: Low, Durability: Medium, Texture: Soft
    • Silk: Cost: High, Durability: Low, Texture: Soft
    • Seagrass - Cost: High, Durability: High, Texture: Soft


    Synthetic Material: 

    • Polyester - Cost: Medium,  Durability: High, Texture: Soft
    • Viscos: Cost: Medium, Durability: Medium, Texture: Soft
    • Polypropylene - Cost: Low, Durability: High, Texture: Soft
    • Shag: Cost: Medium, Durability: Medium, Texture: Soft

    After a long day, the only place I look forward to is my bedroom. All other locations in my daily life exert my energy, they require attention and focus. Exerting my energy to work, family, friends, and exercise leaves my mind, body, and soul empty. Forgetting about the day and giving my body the proper rest, is what makes my bedroom special. It is the only location that gives me energy. Somedays, coffee does not do the trick of aligning my body and brain together, but that is not the case for a power nap. As soon as I step on my rug, my body and mind tend to relax a little which only brings me closer to recovery. Just because it is not seen as much as other places, I believe it is still the most important room of the home.  

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